Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Elite XC are you kidding?

I recently watched the "Kimbo Show" or Elite XC event rather on CBS, and as an avid MMA fan and supporter as well as a mixed martial artist myself I came in with an open mind. I have never before seen an Elite XC production, and after witnessing this overhyped, over the top garbage complete with strippers in cheerleader costumes I hope that I never do again. This headliner was so clearly set up in Kimbo's favor that I became irrate. The whole last half of the second round was nothing but Kimbo getting caught by 71 consecutive strikes and the "Ref" not stopping the bout. However in the third round the "Ref" stopped the fight due to a 4 punch combo. REALLY!? Furthermore Gary Shaw was quoted as saying "Kimbo is the #1 Heavywieght striker in MMA. Thats quite a statement considering he couldn't KO Thompson who has been KO'ed numerous times by less than spectacular Heavyweights. Gary Shaw is the worst thing to happen to MMA this decade. Kimbo is an average fighter at best. If not for Bas Rutten's endorsement I wouldn't take him seriously at all.

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